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Boat excursions to the Aeolian Islands starting from Lipari.

Some of our proposals for excursions and boat trips from Lipari to the other Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands: coves, caves, inlets, stacks, to which is added the incomparable variety and riches of marine funds. Easily accessible with our unforgettable and exciting connections and excursions for families, groups, schools, oratories and cruise passengers.

Excursions, with an explanation on board the commander.

The day on the boat will be spent between swimming and snorkeling in the most enchanting coves.

We organize daily boat trips to all the Aeolian islands in which local malvasia and typical biscuits

Our excursions

Excursions between the sea, rocks, caves, inlets, ERUPTIONS AND CLIMBING TO THE STROMBOLI, and magnificent places where you can swim, and be able to observe closely the most beautiful places

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1. The purchase and use of a travel ticket for individuals, school groups, crals, pre-established groups, or even the collection of advances for any reason,  implies unreserved acceptance of the general transport conditions.

2.Passengers must arrive at the boarding gate 15 minutes before departure; otherwise, it will be regarded as a voluntary waiver of the seat .

3. The Company reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time and without notice  for any departure provided according to the law l.n.1084/1997 without any obligation other than the restitution of the amounts received,  The timetable may be subjected to changes during the trip  and/ or cancellation of excursions and nothing can be charged to the Company  due to delay or failure to perform because of unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, or other events beyond the Carrier's control. Passengers are required to inquire at the offices of the Company or at the crew to know the  schedules of shipping lines and the exact time of departure from each port.

4. If  passengers do not show up at departure,they  are not entitled to any refund. Passengers must strictly respect the schedules communicated on board by the crew and nothing can be charged to the Company in case of non-showing at the scheduled time. If  passengers decide  to interrupt the journey for any reason, the company is not required to refund any part or the entire   sum  already paid.

5. For ground services, even if booked on board or in the agency, when they are carried out by different suppliers and companies, the Company declines any responsibility for any inconvenience.

6. Passengers' baggage, personal belongings, packages, , etc. travel under the passenger responsibility. The company is not liable for any accidents, bodily damages, temporary disability, permanent disability, death, daily allowance, future damages, or other, occurred during the boarding and disembarkation operations or during the journey . The Company  is not liable for any personal items left unattended on board, for loss or damage.  Passengers, may stipulate, at their own expense, with an insurance company, accident insurance policies or luggage loss.

7. In the event that the authorities will decide that for technical reasons, adverse weather conditions, damage, safety reasons or force majeure, the planned trip may also be cancelled on the day of departure. It will be changed to another time or useful day and nothing will be charged to the Company. The Company must indicate, within three working days, the cancelled departure and at least three different possible dates for using the cancelled trip. The proposed new dates must fall within twenty-one days from the date of the cancelled trip. If  passengers, already in possession of the ticket, could not join any of the new dates they will get a 100% refund.

8. If during the  trip, the following cases occurs: unfavourable weather conditions, damage, serious illness even of a passenger, technical or safety reasons, force majeure, provisions of the Authorities , the Master will be able to make all what is necessary. He /she can  change the scheduled times, as well as  order the return to the port of departure or other ports, or the change of places to visit or the reduction of the program even with the elimination of some scheduled visits. In all the cases mentioned above, there will be no refund of the paid ticket and nothing can be charged to the Company.

9.The company could provide  some  bathing stops by the motorboat at a safe distance from the coast, but however: the decision to allow to take or not these baths , remains at the discretion of the master , who will assess the safety conditions on a case-by-case basis. As the decision to take a bath is made by  individual passengers the company itself is not liable in any case of any illness/ accidents or anything from the moment  passengers leave the deck of the boat to go into the water, until returning on board.

10. If the motor vessel is unable to return to the port of departure,  passengers in possession of a round trip ticket, may request, within seven days of the event, the refound, corresponding to the portion of the journey not made which, however, cannot exceed 50% of the price of the ticket previously paid. Passengers must arrange, at their own expense,their  return to the port of embarkation, by other vehicles, and to pay the cost  of food and accommodation necessary to them.

11. The Company may arrange to organize the return journey also with different vehicles and  passengers  will be obliged to make the journey with  vehicles that available at the moment without being able to choose to have the 50% refund provided for in point 7. In this case there is no refund on the previously paid ticket. All costs of accommodation ,food etc , up to the time or the date of the organized return, will be covered by the passengers, and nothing can be charged to the Company even for delay or during the transport.

12. The Company may make the trip with its motorboats, or with boats on loan, or chartered by other Owners. The motor boat employed could be of different characteristics regarding those advertised so like all the services of edge, they could also be lacking.  Passengers are required to inquire before boarding, which will be  the intended motorboat for the trip and only in the event that the journey is made with a different boats  than those advertised,  passengers may request a full refund. In order to obtain a full refund, to be paid in accordance with the procedures set out in point 13,  passengers must not  embark and leave with different boats ; they have to bring back the copy of the ticket to the company with the words "copy to be picked up at boarding".

13. In the event that the Mayor, the Prefect, the Emergency Commissioner, the Civil Protection or other Authorities should issue Ordinances, resolutions, or other provisions, tending to quota or make "a limited number" or allow a maximum number of passengers-disembarkation , the disembarkation is conditioned by the departure of a number of passengers from other vessels, and all this should result in the waiting of the motor vessel outside the port of more than 20 (twenty) minutes, the Master of the motor vessel, having regard to the time needed to authorise disembarkation, the safety of passengers, seafarers, shipping in general, and the time needed to return to ports of departure, at its sole discretion,  may :a) wait for the authorisation of the Authorities and then delay the scheduled times; b) Vary the program and not landing on the island or on the intended location c) Vary the program landing on another island or place; In all the cases mentioned  above, passengers will not be entitled to any refund of the ticket paid or compensation even for failure to perform the transport and nothing can be charged to the Company.

14. The allocation of seats on board can be determined by the crew. Normally, it is free for both the outward and return. Each passenger is required to occupy only one seat, place their luggage and other personal items under the chair or over the table. When  passengers leave the boat during shore stops, they will not be able to keep occupied seats with beach towels, backpacks or anything else.

15. All refunds,  will be made only upon written request that have to be sent to the Company,  attaching the ticket intact. The amount due shall be paid between the 15th day and the 30th working day following the date of receipt of that request. For no reason will the refund be made on simple presentation of the ticket. For tickets issued by travel agencies, tourist facilities, or others, the Company is not liable for any reason for refunds, that in this case Request for the refund of a Ticket must be submitted to the issuer of the Ticket. In no case free tickets will be refundable

16. In the case of exceptional events that occur before departure, that induce the authorities in charge to stop the navigation for the itinerary concerned,  passengers may request a 100% refund according to the rules in point 15.

17. Passengers, Travel Agencies, Authorised Booking Points,  declare that they have read these general conditions and accepted them before making their booking. In any case, with the purchase of the trip and the access on board of the M/B constitutes full acceptance of the general and particular conditions.

18. For what is not provided by these general conditions, reference is made to the Navigation Code.

19. Any dispute will be settled by the court of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

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