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Boat excursions to the Aeolian Islands starting from Lipari.

Some of our proposals for excursions and boat trips from Lipari to the other Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands: coves, caves, inlets, stacks, to which is added the incomparable variety and riches of marine funds. Easily accessible with our unforgettable and exciting connections and excursions for families, groups, schools, oratories and cruise passengers.

Excursions, with an explanation on board the commander.

The day on the boat will be spent between swimming and snorkeling in the most enchanting coves.

We organize daily boat trips to all the Aeolian islands in which local malvasia and typical biscuits

Our excursions

Excursions between the sea, rocks, caves, inlets, ERUPTIONS AND CLIMBING TO THE STROMBOLI, and magnificent places where you can swim, and be able to observe closely the most beautiful places


Panarea is  the smaller than the islands Eolie.

Together with the islets of Basiluzzo, Spinazzola, Lisp Bianca, Dattilo, Bottaro, Black Lisp and the rock-clifves of the Panarellis and the Ants, form a minuscule archipelago. Elegant and romantic it is the chic island for excellence, so much to make all over the world her famous as "the island of the Vip."

Exuberant and worldly, Panarea welcomes indeed typically the visitor with an architecture eoliana of charme: the narrow street pick up white houses with front doors and blue windows, decorated from garish bougainvillae, the characteristic shops contain precious tied up gifts in indissoluble way to the tradition as the sandals realized to hand and refined and candid fabrics

It glorifies natural swimming pool it is Caljunco, an enchanting bay surrounded by walls of it washes where water is crystalline and blue.

Cove of the Zimmaris is instead the only beach of sand, indeed very frequented, from where. through a path. you can  reach the prehistoric village of capo Milazzese. Perfect both for small that for long walks it is an it isolates to live both by the sea and by earth.

Routes that pass from here

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PanareaPrices: Adults € 40 | Children € 20 | Infant from € 20Trip to Panarea departure 11:00, return 16:30

Stromboli with a stop in PanareaPrices: Adults € 50 | Children € 25 | Infant FreeTrip to Panarea e Stromboli Departure h 14,00 Return h 22,00

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Online Discount -5% Limited Tickets

Panarea e Stromboli RelaxPrices: Adults € 55 | Children € 25 | Infant from € 25Trip to Panarea e Stromboli islands departure 11:30, return 22:30

PANAREA by nightPrices: Adults € 35 | Children € 30 | Infant from € 15Wonderful night in Panarea island Departure h 19,30 - retourn h 01,00

panarea e stromboli luxuryPrices: Adults € 65 | Children € 50 | Infant from € 50Panarea and Stromboli with a few guests and a special welcome.. Relax and enjoy the two most famous islands of the ar…

3 isole Vulcano Panarea e StromboliPrices: Adults € 65 | Children € 35 | Infant Free

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