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Boat excursions to the Aeolian Islands starting from Lipari.

Some of our proposals for excursions and boat trips from Lipari to the other Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands: coves, caves, inlets, stacks, to which is added the incomparable variety and riches of marine funds. Easily accessible with our unforgettable and exciting connections and excursions for families, groups, schools, oratories and cruise passengers.

Excursions, with an explanation on board the commander.

The day on the boat will be spent between swimming and snorkeling in the most enchanting coves.

We organize daily boat trips to all the Aeolian islands in which local malvasia and typical biscuits

Our excursions

Excursions between the sea, rocks, caves, inlets, ERUPTIONS AND CLIMBING TO THE STROMBOLI, and magnificent places where you can swim, and be able to observe closely the most beautiful places


A black giant’ stands out imposingly against the intense blue sea.

For thousands of years the volcanic cone with its ‘spurts’, as the roars of the explosions are called, has been like a lighthouse for mariners. For those who approach the island, as soon as darkness begins to fall, the flame of the volcano becomes visible at 15/20 minute intervals. A timorous respect is commanded by this young volcano of 100,000 years, maybe unique in the world for its three mouths in continuous explosive activity, among the highest in Europe, 2,400 metres from cone and base: ‘A 5-star volcano’.

In 1949 the director Roberto Rossellini made ‘Stromboli’ with Ingrid Bergman. In Via Vittorio Emanuele there is a plaque which shows the house where the two had their love affair. In the last 40 years some new inhabitants have arrived from Campania and Sicily. In summer there are numerous commercial activities thanks to the visitors who have changed the traditional character of the community. Stromboli, for the ancients Strongyle (round), has two landing-places. The first, Pertuso, (Pertugio) is on the south-western side, in the village of Ginostra. It is the smallest natural port in the world, big enough for just one boat.The second, to the east  is the Scari (port) of the village of San Vincenzo. From here to Ficogrande and Piscità there is a series of beaches of pebbles and fine black sand, typical of the island.

Every evening, groups of people meet up, adequately equipped, to climb up the volcano, coming back down at 11 pm. A guide is obligatory if you want to reach the Pizzo at an altitude of 900 metres. Others board boats at Scari to go under the Sciara del Fuoco and watch from the sea the spectacle of incandescent rocks. When there are violent eruptions, as happened in 2003, the flow of lava slides down the slope and ends up in the sea giving off great columns of steam.

The best beaches on Stromboli are the little coves of black sand tucked into lava crags along the coast at Piscità, from which there are fine views of the islet of Strombolicchio.

Routes that pass from here

Stromboli with a stop in PanareaPrices: Adults € 50 | Children € 25 | Infant FreeTrip to Panarea e Stromboli Departure h 14,00 Return h 22,00

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Panarea e Stromboli RelaxPrices: Adults € 55 | Children € 25 | Infant from € 25Trip to Panarea e Stromboli islands departure 11:30, return 22:30

panarea e stromboli luxuryPrices: Adults € 65 | Children € 50 | Infant from € 50Panarea and Stromboli with a few guests and a special welcome.. Relax and enjoy the two most famous islands of the ar…

3 isole Vulcano Panarea e StromboliPrices: Adults € 65 | Children € 35 | Infant Free

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