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Boat excursions to the Aeolian Islands starting from Lipari.

Some of our proposals for excursions and boat trips from Lipari to the other Aeolian Islands.

Aeolian Islands: coves, caves, inlets, stacks, to which is added the incomparable variety and riches of marine funds. Easily accessible with our unforgettable and exciting connections and excursions for families, groups, schools, oratories and cruise passengers.

Excursions, with an explanation on board the commander.

The day on the boat will be spent between swimming and snorkeling in the most enchanting coves.

We organize daily boat trips to all the Aeolian islands in which local malvasia and typical biscuits

Our excursions

Excursions between the sea, rocks, caves, inlets, ERUPTIONS AND CLIMBING TO THE STROMBOLI, and magnificent places where you can swim, and be able to observe closely the most beautiful places


Second largest in the archipelago, Salina is the greenest island of the Aeolian Islands, formed from two different volcanic structures side by side.The two main peaks are the "Monte Fossa delle felci", highest peak in the archipelago and the "Monte dei Porri". Hence its peculiar shape and its ancient name, Didyme, meaning twins.

The name Salina is known worldwide not only for its beauty of colors and scents of the Mediterranean, but also to be the main production site of Malvasia wine, from grapes grown on the fertile and generous climate, full of olive groves, vineyards and orchards.

Its name comes from the brackish pond on the coast opposite to Lipari and its cultivation of salt.

Salina is an island rich in vegetation, occupied for over half by a nature reserve that provides enthusiasts with hiking and nature, between migratory birds and chestnut.

Also the beautiful coastal part characterized by rugged coast rich in inlets and the beautiful Bay of Pollara made famous worldwide by the famous film by Massimo Troisi "Il postino".

Routes that pass from here

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Lipari e SalinaPrices: Adults € 40 | Children € 20 | Infant FreeTrip to Salina Departure h. 9,30 Return h. 17,00

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Seven islands packetPrices: Adults € 160 | Children € 80 | Infant from € 50Trip to the 7 islands in four days

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Pacchetto 5 isolePrices: Adults € 110 | Children € 55 | Infant from € 35Discover 5 islands of our archipelago with three trips of your choise

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Pacchetto 3 isolePrices: Adults € 65 | Children € 35 | Infant from € 153 ISLANDS IN ONE DAY VULCANO + PANAREA + STROMBOLI

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